The Swedish Linnaeus Society

The Linnaeus Society is a nationwide organisation whose aim is to spread and expand knowledge about Carl Linnaeus and his work. Our mission is to safeguard the Linnaean tradition, thus encouraging and awakening interest in nature and scientific culture. Support of the Linnaeus museum is one of our main priorities.

The Society organises activities for members and the general public; we support the Linnaeus Museum in Uppsala and we publish The Swedish Linnaeus Society Yearbook (Svenska Linnésällskapets Årsbok). The Society also publishes Linnaeus’ dissertations translated into Swedish from Latin.

A Linnaeus library
Elof Förberg initiated the Swedish Linnaeus Society and was the organizer of the Society in the early years. After Förberg’s death in 1924, the Society bought his collection of books written by and on Linnaeus. Förberg’s Linnaeus library is now housed at the Uppsala University Library.