About Linnaeus and his disciples

One of the main tasks for the Swedish Linnaeus Society upon its foundation in 1917 was the publication of the writings of Linnaeus and his disciples. Most of the publications are in Swedish.

Over the years, The Swedish Linnaeus Society Yearbook (SLÅ) has dealt with other topics from medical and natural history, and studied the generations immediately before and after Linnaeus. In addition, two series were begun, Skrifter utgivna av Svenska Linnésällskapet (Writings Published by the Swedish Linnaeus Society) and Valda avhandlingar av Carl von Linné i översättning utgivna av Svenska Linnésällskapet (Selected Dissertations by Carl Linnaeus in translation published by the Swedish Linnaeus Society), however both were discontinued after one or two issues. The publication of Selected Dissertations restarted in 1947 and continued until 1973.

Among the other publication projects one can mention Resa till Lycklige Arabien, Petrus Forsskåls dagbok 1950, Diary of a journey to Arabia Felix, Petrus Forsskål). Together with Uppsala University, in 1943 The Society published the tenth volume of Linnés brevutgivningen (Linnaeus’ published correspondence), vol II:2, Den utländska brevväxlingen, Brugmans-Burman (Foreign correspondence, Brugmans-Burman). Since 1995, The Society has had overall responsibility for the re-started publication of Linnaeus’ letters.
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