Becoming a member

After you have submitted your application, we will send a bill to the address given in your application.

If you are a new member, you will receive one of our publications and our book list, free of charge. We will also send you continual updates about our activities.

Membership privileges

By becoming a member of the Swedish Linnaeus Society you receive several privileges at the same time as you support our activities.
Membership includes the Yearbook and free entry to the Linnaeus Museum, Linnaeus Garden and Linnés Hammarby (for special events, conserts, exhibition an additional cost is sometimes required). Open guided tours are without cost for our members. For special guided tours and lectures the price 50% of ordinary price for our members.

N.B.: There is an entrance fee for the Tropical Glasshouse in the Botanical Garden in Uppsala.

Since the Society's foundation in 1917, the annual general meeting and the autumn meeting (May and November respectively) have been held, usually in Uppsala (Linnaeus Hammarby) and in Stockholm. At these meetings a lecture is given on a subject relevant to the Society's activities.

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