The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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This calendar contains regional, national and international events to be held during the tercentenary.


    Issue of stamps by The Swedish Post Office.
  27 jan. Celebration of Linnaeus at Växjö University, and Night of Culture in Växjö.
  28 jan. National inauguration of Linnaeus Commemoration Year in Växjö, where Linnaeus went to school.
  28 jan Linnaeus Open House at Växjö University.
  10 February (ongoing during 2007) Show: Classified! Zoological Society of London celebrates the life and world of Linnaeus in a show involving live animals. London Zoo
  19-23 March Exhibition: The Return of Linnaeus Apostles. Royal Geographical Society
  22 March Film: Linné- An Ordered Mind. Film screening of Linné – An Ordered Mind by Swedish Television with an introduction by Professor Sverker Sörlin.
  23/3/2007 -- 22/4/2007 Sweden meets Linnaeus in Japan 2007, This is an art exhibition outside the National Science Museum in Tokyo to celebrate the famous Swedish scientist Carl Linnaeus, born 300 years ago.
  24/3 – 17/6 The exhibition Linnaeus and the dream of order in nature together with System & Passion at Tokyo Japan, The National Science Museum,
  25/3 – 25/4 The exhibition System & Passion at Kalmtouth Belgien, Alboretum Kalmtouth,
  21 April – 3 June Photographic exhibition: Herbarium Amoris. Photographic exhibition by Edvard Koinberg. Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh
  17 may Inauguration of Anniversary Week in Råshult, Linnaeus' town of birth. Events throughout the Linnaeus region.
  20-27 may Linnaeus Anniversary week. Uppsala celebrates Linnaeus’ birthday with Linné Gala Event, Festival of Love, Flower parade, a market of knowledge and a 18th century Festival.
  20 May – 3 June Visit by the Swedish ship Götheborg. Visit by a life size replica of an 18th century East India Trader: Götheborg. . TBC
  21-25 May A Swedish garden at Chelsea Flower Show. A Swedish garden at Chelsea Flower Show, A Tribute to Linnaeus by garden designer Ulf Nordfjell, commissioned by the Natinal Linnaeus Commission in cooperation with the Embassy of Sweden in London. Chelsea Flower Show
  22 May Film: Expedition Linné. Film screening of Expedition Linné by Mattias Klum and Folke Rydén. A modern odyssey to seven continents in the footsteps of Linnaeus’ disciples. . National Film Theatre
  22-24 may Linné Gala Event NEW LIFE A splendid performance creating a woven image of organic life. Choreography: SU-EN, Floral installation: Junichi Kakizaki, Uppsala Chamber Soloists and more.
  23 may International celebrations, Chelsea Flower Show, London.
  23 May Linnaeus Birthday Picnic. Linnaeus birthday picnic at the Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh. Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburgh
  23 may Celebrations in Råshult.
  24 May Café Scientifique: Chaos and Order. A Swedish and British scientist discuss the concepts of chaos and order, classification and structure with the general public in a moderated debate.. TBC
  6 june Celebration of Linnaeus in Lund
  7-9 junei Symposium on the languages of science in the time of Linnaeus at the Faculty of Languages at Uppsala University
  11 June – 15 July Photographic exhibition: Herbarium Amoris. National Botanic Garden of Wales
  14/8 – 30/9 The exhibition System & Passion at Berlin, Deutschland, Schwedische Botschaft
  3-5 sept A week organised by ULC in Uppsala: Culina mutata: Den förändrade maten från 1700-talet till idag. ("Changed Food" – from the 18th century to the present).
  6-8 sept International conference arranged by Apotekarsociteten ("The Swedish Academy of Pharmaceutical Sciences").
  13/9 – 30/10 The exhibition System & Passion at Paris Frankrike, CCS,
  20/10 – 23/12 The exhibition System & Passion at Esbo, Finland, Hanaholmen Kulturcenter,
  14-17 nov Biodiversity: Variation in Time and Space, Beijersalen, KVA, The class of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for Biological Sciences
  December 2007 – January 2008 Photographic exhibition: Systems and Passion. Photographic exhibition by Helen Schmitz and Erik Uddenberg. Naughton Gallery, Queens Unviersity Belfast
  dec ‘07 – jan ’08 The exhibition System & Passion Belfast England, The Naughton Gallery at Queen's,
  15 Dec Official end of the Linnaeus Tercentenary.