The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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14/4/2007 -- 14/4/2007

Carl Linnaeus Tercentenary seminar “Linnaeus and the dream of order in nature"

National Science Museum in Ueno, Tokyo.
April 14, 2007, 10.00-16.20

All lectures, except the ones by Mr Hideaki Ohba and Mrs Kazuko Kamakura, are given in English and translated into Japanese. The film "Expedition Linnaeus" is in English.
Since the lunch break is short, we kindly advise you to bring your lunch with you.

The seminar is free of charge and open to everybody, but if you want to see the “Hana" exhibition there will be an entrance fee.

Since the number of seats for the seminar is limited to 100, please book in advance to the Embassy of Sweden by e-mail or phone by April 6 2007.

Please check the embassy homepage for updates: