The following list contains some useful links with more information about Carl Linnaeus and his work:

Carl Linnaeus and his disciples
Linne on-line is published by Uppsala University. The website presents compilations of knowledge, literature lists, and information about the life and work of Linnaeus.

The Linnaeus server at the Swedish Museum of Natural History. The museum also has information about the life and work of Linnaeus.
Carl Linnaeus on the Internet. This site presents a project with a list of links from all over the world, including biographical links and a list of Linnaean societies.
Carl Linnaeus
Linnaeus' world
Linnaeus and his disciples - a research project at Uppsala Universityand Södertörns högskola ("Södertörn University College") about Linnaeus as a teacher.

The Solander Program

The Botanical Garden in Madrid have scanned and published Iter Hispanicum

Linnaeus Link. Linnaeus works and those influenced by him are of great historical significance and continuing scientific relevance. The Linnaeus Link project aims to improve access to these key resources by the creation of high quality digital records.

Other sites about Linnaeus
The Linnaean Correspondence - digital publication of Linnaeus correspondence.

The Linnaeus Link Project - a project that aims at becoming an on-line bibliography of Linnaeus and his disciples.
A guide to the Linnaean species occurring in Western Australia

The Linnaeus Sites
Linnaeus Country Life Society - Linnaeus' home in Stenbrohult, Småland.

- Nature´s Best is the first national quality label for nature tours in Europe.

Regional sites
Kronoberg County

Skåne County

Uppsala County

Uppsala Municipality

Linnaeus' journey through Skåne, 250 years after - A guided tour from the 250th anniversary celebrations in Skåne, 1999.

Linnaeus' Hammarby

International Linnaeus societies
- The Swedish Linnaeus Society
- The Linnean Society of London
The society houses most of Linnaeus' scientific collections and his library. The society website gives further links to museums and international Linnaeus societies.
- Linnean Society of New South Wales
- Société linnéenne du Québec
- La Société Linnéennedela Seinemaritime
- Société Linnéenne de Lyon
- Société linnéenne de Provence
- Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux
- Société Linnéenne de Normandie
- Linnaean Society of New York

In the spirit of Linnaeus
- ArtDatabanken
- Nationnyckeln
- The Linnaéan way...
- The Linnaean Plant Name Typification Project
- Science theatre .se
-Mariano Akerman

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