The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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Carl Linnaeus is the most renowned Swedish scientist of all time. The year 2007 marks the tercentenary of his birth.
Linnaeus had a close relationship both with countryside and with gardens, and Sweden still possesses a strong tradition in caring for gardens, gardens that are often inspired by nature. Linnaeus lived in a period when the design paradigm of the modern world was under development. The design of gardens inspired by nature, combined with architecture and design based on classical Swedish materials, is today arousing international interest.
An important part of celebrating the Linnaean Tercentenary abroad will be the Swedish contribution to Europe´s leading flower show, The Chelsea Flower Show, which is held in London every year at the end of May.

The National Linnaeus Commission is contributing a Linnaeus garden in collaboration with The Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in London. The garden will be transported to the Göteborg Botanical Garden after the Chelsea Flower Show and will become part of the celebrations in Sweden.

Sweden 's contribution to Chelsea will be a modern “LinnaeusGarden" that reflects current interest in architecture, art, design, the natural world, and gardens. A modern garden with an area of 230 m2 will be created, as an embodiment of Linnaeus´ curiosity and passion for nature. Traditional Swedish materials such as granite, steel and timber will be combined with wild plants and the most exquisite contributions from horticulture to create a garden that captures the spirit of our times. It will showcase Swedish horticulture and its striving to travel down new pathways.

The aim of the garden is to express Linnaeus´ sense of curiosity and his passion for nature in a modern form. It is hoped that visitors to Chelsea 2007 will experience inspiration from the Swedish relationship with the natural world and its culture.
The garden will be designed by landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell, known from the international and Swedish press, and from a number of exhibitions, public commissions and private commissions.

Ulf has been exhibition architect for a number of renowned exhibitions throughout Sweden. These include “Trädgården och Konsthantverket" (“The Garden and Applied Art"), Rosendal 1998, “Hedens Lustgård" (“Heath Gardens") Göteborg 2000, participation in BO01 in Malmö, artistic leader for Norrvikens Trädgårdar (“The Gardens of Norrviken") 2002, and landscape architect for “Skogens Trädgårdar" (“Gardens of the Forest"), Wij 2005.

The art work in the garden inspired by Georg Dionysius Ehret's illustrations are made by the artist Anne-Karin Furunes.

Ulf Nordfjell
Architect LAR/MSA

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