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International Initiatives during the Linnaean Anniversary

The Swedish Institute (SI) is a member of the Linnaeus Commission, and it is the task of the institute to provide information and stimulate interest in Sweden abroad. SI will in many countries tour an exhibition by the Swedish photographer Edvard Koinbergs with the title "Herbarium Amoris, En hyllning till Linné" ("Herbarium Amoris, a tribute to Linnaeus").

The Linnaeus Secretariat together with SI, Swedish embassies, and local partners, will arrange symposia and other events, with the principal aim of drawing attention to advanced Swedish research and other aspects of Linnaeus´ legacy.

The Linnaeus Secretariat will also collaborate with universities and learned societies in other countries that want to organise seminars and conferences in memory of Linnaeus.

The tercentenary will help to promote the Swedish tourism industry, not only during the tercentenary year 2007, but also in the longer term. Many visitors will travel to Sweden as participants in various events, or simply as tourists with a general interest in nature and culture. The Swedish Travel & Tourism Council is planning on special initiatives during the tercentenary year.

An important part of celebrating the Linnaean tercentenary abroad will be the Swedish contribution to Europe´s leading flower show, The Chelsea Flower Show, which is held in London every year at the end of May. The Embassy, in cooperation with the National Linnaeus Commission and the Swedish Institute, has commissioned a Linnaeus garden which will be displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show. This is being carried out in collaboration with The Swedish Institute and the Swedish Embassy in London. The garden will be transported to theGöteborgBotanical Gardenafter the Chelsea Flower Show and will become part of the celebrations in Sweden.

Sweden 's contribution to the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2007 will be a modern "Linnaeus Garden" that reflects our interest in architecture, art, design, the natural world, and gardens. A modern garden with an area of230 m2will be created, as an embodiment of Linnaeus curiosity and oneness with nature. Traditional Swedish materials such as granite, steel and timber will be combined with wild plants and the most exquisite contributions from horticulture to create a garden that captures the spirit of our times. It will showcase Swedish horticulture and its striving to travel down new pathways.

The garden will be designed by landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell, known from the international and Swedish press, and from a number of exhibitions, public commissions and private commissions. Ulf Nordfjell can be reached by e-mail at ulf.nordfjell@rambll.se, or mobile telephone +46 70 635 6052.

The garden will aim to communicate Linnaeus' curiosity and his love of nature in a modern form. It is intended that visitors to Chelsea - 07 will take inspiration from the Swedish relationship with the natural world and its culture.

Find information about coming international events and activities in our Calendar.

Linnaean societies in several countries are responsible for international activities:

- The Linnean Society of London
- Linnean Society of New South Wales
- Société linnéenne du Québec
- La Société Linnéennedela Seinemaritime
- Société Linnéenne de Lyon
- Société linnéenne de Provence
- Société Linnéenne de Bordeaux
- Société Linnéenne de Normandie
- Linnaean Society of New York
- The Linnaeus Society of Sweden
- Activities in the Netherlands

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