Linnaeus celebrations in the United Kingdom

In order to celebrate the Linnaeus tercentenary, the Embassy of Sweden inLondonand its partner organisations are planning a wide-spanning programme across the UK. It is especially important to mark the work of Linnaeus in theUKdue to the fact that a large part of Linnaeus´ collection of specimen is held at the Linnean Society in London. For more information about the Linnean Society and its tercentenary events, please visit their official website on www.linnean.org.

Linnaeus at RHS Chelsea Flower Show
The Embassy, in cooperation with the National Linnaeus Commission and the Swedish Institute, has commissioned a Linnaeus garden which will be displayed at the Chelsea Flower Show in May 2007. The garden will then be transported to GothenburgBotanical Garden to be part of the Swedish Linnaeus celebrations during the summer.

The LinnaeusGarden will reflect contemporary trends in architecture, design and art as well as current interests in gardens and the natural world. The 230 sq m garden will use traditional Swedish materials such as granite, steel and timber as well as wild plants and cutting-edge horticulture in order to express Linnaeus sense of curiosity and his passion for the natural world.
The garden is designed by landscape architect Ulf Nordfjell.

Exhibitions around the UK
Two photographic exhibitions - ‘Herbarium Amoris´ by Edvard Koinberg and ‘System and Passion´ (accompanied by the tercentenary book) by Helen Schmitz - will be on display at venues across the UK. ‘Herbarium Amoris´ opens at The Royal Botanic Garden in Edinburghon 21 April and runs until 3 June when it moves to the nationalBotanical GardenofWalesoutside Cardiff where it will be on display during July. A Linnaeus birthday picnic will be held in EdinburghRoyalBotanic Garden on 23 May.
‘Systems and Passion´ will be displayed in the Naughton Gallery, Queen´s University Belfast in December 2007 and at KewGardens (date tbc).

19 - 23 March. Exhibition: The Return of Linnaeus Apostles (by The IK Foundation and Company) at The Royal Geographical Society, 1 Kensington Gore. www.ikfoundation.org
Talks and debates
The Embassy will organise a number of talks and debates on topics related to Linnaeus and his work - e.g. a dialogues between two Nobel prize laureates on the topic of ‘How to win the Nobel Prize´ and a Café Scientifique event on the topic of classification with the title 'Chaos and order - why do humans have an urge to categorise and classify?'

- 22 March  -
6.30pm - 7.15pm.
Natural Science Schools Project LinnaeusCONTENT: 'Schools Project Linnaeus' started in Sweden during the Tercentenary Year 2007. The aim is to inspire and stimulate schools all around the world to take an interest in Linnaeus and the natural sciences, provides inspiration and ideas which can be used byall teachers in cross-cutting science and society work.  LECTURER: Dr Elisabeth Långström, Uppsala University, Sweden.
Film screenings
The Embassy cooperates with documentary film makers Folke Rydén and Mattias Klum in the screening of the film ‘Expedition Linné´. Inspired by Linnaeus curiosity and the thrill of discovery, the expedition meets some of the world´s leading researchers and experts, who try to give answers to questions relating to the natural world and modern science. The film will be screened on 23 May. Venue tbc.
The IK Foundation and the Embassy will cooperate in a screening of ‘An ordered Mind´ a drama documentary about Linnaeus and his life produced by Otto Fagerstedt for Swedish National Television. The film will be screened on 22 April at the Royal Geographical Society.

22 March. 7.30pm - 9pm. Film screening of Linné - An Ordered Mind (by Swedish Television/Otto Fagerstedt) a new docudrama about Linnaeus' world and aspirations with an introduction by Professor Sverker Sörlin (Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm) at The Royal Geographical Society (Ondaatje Theatre), 1 Kensington Gore. www.ikfoundation.orgAdmission by ticket only. RESERVE your free e-TICKET on www.linnaeus.info
Linnaeus at London Zoo
The Zoological Society of London and London Zoo are creating a performance about Linnaeus´ system of classification starring live animals. The performance which opens on 12 February is called ‘Life? Sorted?´.

Visit by Götheborg - a replica of anEast Indiatrader
The Swedish ship Götheborg sank in Gothenburg harbour on her return from China on 12 September 1745. During the 1980s and 90s marine archaeological excavations were carried out on the site where the ship sank. Parts of the ship and her cargo were recovered and the building of a full scale replica started in 1995. Götheborg was launched on 6 June 2003 and has been at sea since 2005 and is currently completing a trade route around the world. The ship will stop in London as part of the Linnaeus celebrations - for more information, please visit: www.soic.se/engelska/inenglish
In addition to the above mentioned events, the following institutions and organisations are planning events in relation to the Linnaeus tercentenary: The Chelsea Physics Garden, The Natural History Museum, IK Foundation, Royal Geographical Society, The Royal Horticulture Society, Lakeland Horticulture Society, Botanic Garden at the University of Dundee, Cragside National Trust in Northumberland, Natural History Centre in Aberdeen, The Trentham Estate.
For further information and regular updates, please visit the Embassy of Sweden website on Linnaeus.
Info:www.swedenabroad.com/london or direct link: http://www.swedenabroad.com/pages/general____46328.asp

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