Linneaus activities in the Netherlands

During the whole year 2007 many interesting activities will take place in the Netherlands. This is understandable as Linneaus´ visit to this country left deep traces in its history.
In the town of Harderwijk, Linneaus-events will take place throughout the whole year. Linneaus defended his doctoral thesis at the UniversityofHarderwijk in 1735. This and much more will be highlighted during the events that are aimed to please both younger as well as older visitors.
Linneaus met with many Dutch scientists during his visits to Amsterdam and he was noticeably impressed with what he was shown at the botanical gardens. TheUniversityofAmsterdam , the Botanical Gardens, the Artis Zoo, alongside the ZoologicalMuseum will all be arranging different events to celebrate Linneaus this year.
Another Dutch city of great importance to Linneaus, was Leiden. The Floral King will thus be celebrated grandly in Leiden throughout this anniversary. The university and the botanical gardens were central in Linneaus visit to the city and it was here that he met with several scientists whom aided him in printing his script “Systema Naturae".
The birthday of Linneaus will of course not be forgotten. May 23rd,the Linneaus “Horlogium Florae" will start ticking inRotterdamand there will be separate celebrations on the very birthday at the Hartekamp estate, the location where the Floral King resided most of the time that he spent in the Netherlands.
Science will also receive a central stand during this anniversary. Please join the two seminars regarding “Linnean travel: transgressions and narratives",  “Linnaeus 300 - the future of his Science" and “Linnaeus and the Environment, Yesterday and Today".
Curious? Please visit the Netherlands!

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