The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
The Linnaeus Celebration
Carl Linnaeus
Science & Research
School Activities
Public Education

National Subcommittees

The various parts of the project are coordinated by the national subcommittees:
· Celebrations
Åse Berglund

· The Linnaeus Sites
Monica Minnhagen-Alvsten

· International Activities
Judith Black
Mats Bergquist

· Sponsors
Mikael Strandänger

· Science/Research
Mona Holmfors
Carl Carlheim-Gyllensköld
Erik Lindgren

· Public Education
Carl Carlheim-Gyllensköld

· School Activities
Christer Hjort
Carl Carlheim-Gyllensköld

· Exhibitions
Carina Bergqvist

· Tourism,
Åse Berglund

· Gardens
Birgitta Sandström Lagercrantz

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