The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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Super-cool climax to Linnaeus2007

This year´s Linnaeus Tercentenary will reach its fantastic culmination among blocks of ice and sparkling snow under the Northern Lights. The journey will lead to places Linnaeus attempted to get to, but did not actually reach - to Kiruna and Jukkasjärvi, Europe´s last great wilderness. The theme of the festivities is Carl Linnaeus´ curiosity and creativity, in combination with the ice of Lapland. On December 15 celebrations will be held in the presence of His Majesty King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden and Her Majesty Queen Silvia.
Curiosity, creativity and science in combination with a spirit of enterprise provide the inspiration for this conclusion to Linnaeus2007. This year´s Linnaeus tercentenary has been celebrated in Sweden and in twenty or so other countries worldwide. Thousands of projects have been undertaken, including lectures, exhibitions, seminars and demonstrations. Linnaeus himself began his journeys with an arduous and adventurous trek to Lapland, described in his famous book Iter Lapponicum (The Lapland Journey). His goal was Kiruna, but he never managed to get that far.
Kiruna is today one of Sweden´s fastest growing towns, with the world´s most high-tech mine, Kirunavaara, and advanced research in the fields of the environment, nature and space science. Tourism is a rapidly growing sector of the local economy. Many visitors are attracted by the beautiful mountain scenery, the Sami culture, the ice-hotel in Jukkasjärvi and other opportunities to come closer to nature. All of which makes this a highly appropriate setting, characterised by the spirit of enterprise and cutting-edge research, in which to celebrate a tercentenary year that, at the same time, also looks forward into the future.
The programme for this day of special celebrations includes a scientific conference in Kiruna and a banquet in the world-famous ICEHOTELÒ in Jukkasjärvi. In a vast hall of ice at a temperature of 5 degrees below freezing, guests will be provided with food and entertainment in the spirit of Linnaeus. More than 500 guests have been invited; representatives from the fields of science and research, government and regional administration, descendants of Carl Linnaeus, international Linnaeus contacts and many of the people who have worked on the Linnaeus2007 project.
“We have used the brash, young, multi-talented Linnaeus to try to inspire young people to study science," says Secretary General Åse Berglund. “In Jukkasjärvi we hand over to the International Polar Year 2007-2008 which shares the same aims."
The theme for the scientific conference is the spaces and boundaries of science. The conference is arranged jointly by Umeå University and the Swedish Research Council. Those attending the conference include Sweden´s first and only astronaut, Christer Fuglesang, the former US ambassador to Sweden, Lyndon L. Olson, and several Nobel laureates. They will take part in a fascinating dialogue on whether there are any limits as to the progress that science can make.

Åse Berglund
Secretary General Linné2007

Mariethe Larsson
Head of Media Relations Linné2007

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