The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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The Linnaeus Expedition

A film by Mattias Klum and Folke Rydén

About the passion for exploring the natural world - an adventure across seven continents

World-renowned photographer Mattias Klum has braved some of the wildest places on earth in his eagerness to document rare animals and plants. We have seen through his camera lens into the depths of primeval rainforest. Klum has with his expeditions opened our eyes to the beauty of nature. We have caught a glimpse of the richness of species that share our planet.

"No matter whether I am with the suricates of South Africa or king cobras on Borneo, each expedition increases my realisation of how all forms of life are interdependent. What's amazing is that one person knew as much during the 18th. century about how everything is connected"; says Mattias Klum.

Mattias Klum is now embarking on what may be his most important expedition: a journey preparing for the tercentenary celebrations of the birth of Swedish national symbol, Carl Linnaeus; a journey in memory of a passionate lover of nature and a major source of inspiration; an important father of the natural sciences.

The expedition will cover seven continents. Mattias Klum will be asking some of the most eminent scientists in the world to update us about the questions that Linnaeus took up. Much has been added to our understanding since Linnaeus shocked his university colleagues by describing the sex-life of plants and animals. The expedition will benefit from these scientific discoveries to search through space, search into the deeps, and search into the future.

The film is produced by renowned journalist and film artist, Folke Rydén, previously correspondent for Sveriges Television, who has won several international prizes for his documentaries. This first collaboration between Folke Rydén and Mattias Klum will be remarkable in taking on a further challenge in addition to those that such an expedition normally faces - a young and inexperienced companion, hungry for knowledge, whose identity is as yet unknown, will be given the chance to be a member of the expedition. This member will be selected in fierce competition from participants in a forthcoming contest. Not only will the winner gain acclaim, the new experiences and insights gained will enrich the future of us all.

Linnaeus was able to infect his students with a sense of curiosity to such a degree that his disciples participated in the first round-the-world voyages, they participated in the search for undiscovered continents, and they risked their lives in the quest for medicinal plants. To what feats will a new expedition in the spirit of Linnaeus be able to inspire a new generation of explorers? Can lessons learned and experiences gained from far-flung corners of the globe convince the participants that even today it is possible for science to change the world? Can time spent exploring the natural world in the company of Mattias Klum and Linnaeus open our eyes for the challenges currently facing the planet - and can it increase our consciousness of how our actions today influence the future?

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