The logo of the tercentenary is based on a picture that was painted by the leading botanical artist of his day, Georg Dilnys Ehret. The painting illustrates Class 10 of the sexual system.
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Linné was here

When Carl Linnaeus (called Carl von Linné after being ennobled and known as Linné in Sweden) embarked on his scientific journeys through eighteenth century Sweden he visited a large number of places. He described and commented many of these in a series of travel journals. “Linné was here" is a kind of peripatetic (see below) exhibition designed to entice people to undertake their own voyages of discovery, in the footsteps and in the spirit of Linné. The traveller of today, by following the carefully sited signs, can stand where he once stood and compare the appearance of today´s landscape with his description. There are thirty three sites spread out over the whole country which can be found by using their grid references or special maps. The relevant texts can be found in five different languages in the catalogue or on the net at
In true peripatetic style
Aristotle (384-322 BC) used to teach his students while wandering around the grounds of the Lyceum, a gymnasium to the east of Athens. He is known to have liked to walk as he taught. The school he founded at the Lyceum was called the peripatetic school after the Greek word peripateo meaning to walk round, or peripatos a covered walk. Linné used this method of teaching in his nature walks around Uppsala. His students pursued their studies ‘with their boots on´. Now it is our turn to follow the master and begin a journey of discovery.
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